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Did You See the Sears Optical Commercial with the Raccoon?


Did you see the new Sears Optical Commercial?  There is a woman who is calling her cat inside to come and cuddle with her but it ends up being a raccoon coming in through the door.  The woman obviously can’t tell it’s not a cat coming through the door and she definitely needs to get some new glasses.  Sears hopes she comes to the nearest Sears Optical store to get them!

It is a very clever commercial.  As soon as we find a video of it, we will post it.  Did you know you can  find more than 850 convenient Sears Optical Centers in North America?  Sears Optical is not just inside Sears, either. Look for us in many neighborhood outdoor malls, too.  But before you shop for your new pair of classes, be sure to check out any Sears coupons at the Coupon Mole.

Update. We found the video. Here it is. Enjoy!

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14 comments on “Did You See the Sears Optical Commercial with the Raccoon?

  1. jennio:

    Love this commercial!

  2. Marissa:

    I am obsessed with this commercial. “Come snuggles with mama” has become a catchphrase in my house. I say it to my dog and my fiance in that lady’s voice. It’s just hysterical–I can’t watch it without laughing out loud!

    Thanks for posting the video!

  3. Debbie:

    I LOVE this commercial! I have actually said this to my cat,”come snuggle with mama.” And it’s funny to me, beacuse I’m as blind as a bat…!! lol

  4. gc:

    Marissa –

    I just saw the commercial and this time had to look it up, since it makes me laugh everytime.

    Your comment made me laugh until I cried. Thank you. Your fiance is lucky.

  5. Sandytoo:

    I love that commercial and never get tired of it. I say “come snuggles with mama,” all the time to my pets, too. I crack up when she says Oh! in the girlie voice because she is so excited that the “cat” is coming in.

  6. Carole Edmonds:

    This is a great commercial because not are they just selling a product, they are showing great animal compassion for animals…thanks Sears:)

  7. bob anders:

    The raccoon spot is a complete rip-off of a spot we did for Southern New England Telephone (SNET) in 1999. Ours had an old lady say precisely the same words, “Here, kitty, kitty” and open the screen door to a raccoon. Same concept. Same offer: a Yellow Pages coupon for eyeglasses. Shame on Sears.

  8. Val Maher:

    Do you have any “Missing Something” moments like the lady in the commercial? If so, join others who are sharing their stories on the new page !

  9. Jill:

    Given everything going on in the world, that this spot never fails to warm me and make me laugh outloud makes it pricEless. I downloaded it, converted it and burned it to a DVD……10 in a row. U bet.

    Given the product in question is hardly frivolous, that someone found a way to pitch it with a comedic spin that does not comproimse the serious & ALSO augments brand recognition/association–no small thing–is amazing.

    And that woman should do standup. She’s got ditzy/ingenuous DOWN.

  10. Renee:

    OMG. This is one of my favorite commercials of all time!! I would go to Sears just for having such a witty commercial. This is exactly how I sound when talking to my 2 cats. They are part Maine Coon and just so happen to look a little bit like the girl’s new snuggle buddy =>
    Love it!! So simple, yet so clever. Need more commercials like this one.

  11. Marcus:

    The one with the woman trying to hail a cab is funnier. :D

  12. Pete McManus:

    I tripply agree the Sears Optical Racoon “Here Kitty, Here Kitty, come snuggles with Mama” Commercial, is precious, the most hystically funny, hugable Commercial yet!! Each time I see Snuggles, I’m reminded of my Daughter’s spell-bound facination with our family aolescent cat, “Dicky’s”, deep-throated shrill howels in the middle of the night. Turning the flashlight on, we were mesmerized, as Dicky, standing on her hindquaters, repeatedly challenged a Racoon family of 3, that came to munch on her Purina. Becoming more alarmed when the family took a couple more steps closer, Dicky let out a blood-currling final call to arms (paws held high, like a Grizzlie Teddy Bear), so unnerving the Racoon family, they turned and disapeared into the night. Pete McManus

  13. LSrainbow:

    I 100% agree with Renee. This is one of my favorite commercials of all time!! Every time I see it, it makes me laugh out loud! Never thought a commercial could make me feel so happy. And just so happens, I am already a Sears customer. Great!

  14. Texan Forever:

    One of the very few commercials I look forward to seeing again and again. … From the way “kitty” trots right in, looks like “kitty” has been the ditsy lady’s snuggle bunny many times. Makes Sears look good and probably sells a lot of Sears glasses. … Delightfully funny.

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